John Elliott Lein

Writer, Artist, Designer and Theology Nerd


Here's the short story:

From homeschooled fundamentalist,
   to early twenties closet doubter,
      through the birth, pain, surgeries, and death of our second daughter at seven months,
         I grew to love the Bible through a group study and become a missionary in Europe.

Here I had to face myself and God for the first true time, and it broke me.
   Nothing made sense from my past, with the Bible I was learning.
      And I was rejected in the one area I thought was indefensible: as a designer.
         I lost all hope and gave up on life.

Here is where God found me.
   Here is where I discovered a living faith that celebrated doubt and a journey.
      Here is where my ego allowed God in.
         And here is where my new journey started: toward something new. Toward hope.

To share with all.

Currently in discernment with the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas toward the priesthood.