John Elliott Lein

Writer, Artist, Designer and Theology Nerd


Adult Formation Lessons

Teaching toward transformation is one of my passions. I love bringing Scripture and theology alive in people’s lives so that they can apply them toward growth and work in the world.

Below are some of the lessons I’ve created for
Adult Formation classes in my church.


The Primordial History

The first eleven chapters of Genesis are full of parables and myths that continue to reverberate through and challenge our world today. I created a series of six lessons including unique translations of the Hebrew that introduce the texts and contexts for folks to apply toward their own spiritual journeys. Contact me if you want them formatted to print in booklets for your own classes.


Re-reading Resurrection

During the Easter season in 2018 our group made a close reading of the Resurrection texts and the overall understanding of the afterlife from the oldest Old Testament texts to Daniel and Maccabees over five sessions.


The BIBLE: A Human Library

This three-part series looks at what scripture is across different religious traditions and then examines the development process of what has come to be the Christian Scriptures.


Assorted Lessons

The following are a variety of one-off lessons I created for various sessions during 2017-2018.